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BRTF Grad Dreams of Genie

This year’s top Canadian film awards may include one given to a Niagara College graduate. The 32nd Annual Genie Awards ceremony takes place on 8 March 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, and BRTF film program graduate Jay Cheel is among the nominees.

From left to right, Ralph Zavadil, Robert Buick and Jay Cheel prepare for another shot during production

Cheel wrote and directed a feature-length documentary entitled Beauty Day about Ralph Zavadil, a man he enjoyed watching in the early 1990's on the Cable 10 Community Television station in St. Catharines, Ontario. The show was a one-man production featuring music videos, gags and stunts performed by Zavadil’s alter ego, Cap'n Video. The Cap'n Video Show found thousands of fans across the Niagara region during its five year run, and Cheel was among them.

Cheel’s initial documentary was to be a short piece around 12 minutes long, but as production of it got off the ground, he and his team realized there was more to Zavadil and Cap’n Video than could fully be explored in a short documentary. The 92-minute film Beauty Day came to theatres across Canada in June of 2011, and now the film has been nominated for a Genie Award in the category of Best Feature-length Documentary.

You can learn more at the Genie Awards web site and at the Beauty Day Documentary web site.

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