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RED One Camera Productions Begin

The Broadcasting: Radio, Television and Film program recently expanded its digital cinema prowess with the acquisition of a RED One digital camera package. Third-year film production students began shooting this week with the program’s newly-acquired RED One Digital Cinema camera. The RED One system allows cinema-quality 4K digital image capture with industry standard 35mm motion picture lenses and accessories (recording approximately five times the data of a typical high-end HDTV camera).

The RED One is the same camera that has already been used in high budget feature films such as The Social Network, The Informant and District 9. Students will first use the camera to produce a new series of commercials for Niagara College Marketing, which are intended for broadcast on CHCH TV.

This new camera system represents the most significant innovation within our program in many years, says film professor Andrew Stevenson. It introduces leading-edge technology to our film production workflow and at the same time gives our students extensive hands-on experience with equipment that has already been widely adopted in the Canadian film industry.

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